Howdy, Ya’ll!

Long time no see!

First of all let me start off by recognizing that my pants are on fire. In my last post I said that I wouldn’t neglect my blogging responsibilities during our southbound move, and I did. I lied and I’m sorry, we had a rocky transition from Kansas to Texas. What was supposed to be an easy door-to-door move spanning a couple days ended up being a comedy of errors that left us without furniture or internet for nearly two weeks. In fact, the only reason I’m able to post this blog is because I’m sitting in the Dallas airport enjoying free wifi while waiting for my flight to Seattle — we decided to hop a last-minute cruise to Alaska for a quick vaca before heading back to our new house to finish unpacking the mountain of boxes that are anxiously awaiting us. I appreciate ya’ll (yes, you can look forward to me use “ya’ll” from here on out) being patient with me. I promise I’ll be back to posting recipes soon. In the meantime, check out some photos I took during our move…


This is how I feel about car trips. (Note to parents of toddlers: a 50-page book filled with colorful Pixar characters provides hours of quiet and is well worth the $11.95 impulse-buy at Walmart.)image

Nothing but miles and miles of open road ahead of us (696 miles, to be exact). We saw more cows than I thought existed, watched rolling green hills transform to bright golden fields, and I’m not joking here, spotted a dead armadillo right under the “Welcome to Texas” sign.image

The toddler and the cat taking up WAY more than their fair share of the king size bed during a late night pitstop in Oklahoma City. Clearly the cat is not happy about the trip.image

Little girl, big bed.image

We finally arrived at the new house with an armful of wine but were unable to find our wine opener, so we improvised. Drastic times call for drastic measures, people!image

This man and his brilliant ideas. What would I do without him?!image

First thing out of the boxes: my cookbooks, a framed photo of Julia in her Paris kitchen, and the Keurig.image

The cat helping/hindering with the unpacking.image

Lookie, lookie! A whole closet for my food photography props!image

The toddler and the cat preparing a salad in the new kitchen.image

San Antonio sushi roll? Okay sure, why not. When in Rome…image

Well that’s what I’ve been up to for the past couple weeks. Man I’ve missed you guys — it feels so good to be blogging again! Hopefully (barring any other catastrophes and provided that I have wifi on the ship) I’ll be able to post photos from our Alaskan cruise. But for now I’m going to finish enjoying my plastic cup of merlot while the toddler snoozes away beside me.

See ya’ll soon! (See, I did it again, the South is already rubbing off on me!)


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