Asian Chicken Chopped Salad


Coming home from vacation is always hard, but it’s even harder when that vacation is centered around delicious food, as Alaskan cruises almost always are. This past week I’ve been missing my daily breakfast buffet, the mid-day tea and cupcake social, and the calorie laden 3-course meals that I became accustomed to on the ship. My waistline, on the other hand, is not. After a couple depressing attempts to fit into my summer clothes, I decided that it was time to undo all those lovely inches that I brought back with me from my trip. But how do you go from stuffing your face morning, noon, and night to eating like a rabbit and being happy about it? The trick is it to load up on lean protein and fiber-packed foods that will help fill you up quicker, and keep you fuller longer. Which is why I’ve been living off of my homemade chopped salad for the last few days. Continue reading


Aaaaand, We’re Back…


Whew! What a whirlwind month we’ve had! After recovering from our crazy move to Texas, fighting a constant battle with our new internet provider, and taking an exhausting two week, action-packed trip to the Pacific Northwest, I’m finally home and ready to start cooking and blogging again! But first let me fill you in on the second half of our Alaskan cruise. As you’ll see from the photos below, we had an awesome time, saw some incredible sights, and ate and drank WAY too much (in case you’re wondering why my next couple posts may be heavy on the salads).

In my last blog post I left off at the beginning of Day 3, just before we disembarked at our first port of call in Juneau, so naturally, that’s where I’ll pick up. Continue reading

Howdy, Ya’ll!

Long time no see!

First of all let me start off by recognizing that my pants are on fire. In my last post I said that I wouldn’t neglect my blogging responsibilities during our southbound move, and I did. I lied and I’m sorry, we had a rocky transition from Kansas to Texas. What was supposed to be an easy door-to-door move spanning a couple days ended up being a comedy of errors that left us without furniture or internet for nearly two weeks. In fact, the only reason I’m able to post this blog is because I’m sitting in the Dallas airport enjoying free wifi while waiting for my flight to Seattle — we decided to hop a last-minute cruise to Alaska for a quick vaca before heading back to our new house to finish unpacking the mountain of boxes that are anxiously awaiting us. I appreciate ya’ll (yes, you can look forward to me use “ya’ll” from here on out) being patient with me. I promise I’ll be back to posting recipes soon. In the meantime, check out some photos I took during our move… Continue reading