Aaaaand, We’re Back…


Whew! What a whirlwind month we’ve had! After recovering from our crazy move to Texas, fighting a constant battle with our new internet provider, and taking an exhausting two week, action-packed trip to the Pacific Northwest, I’m finally home and ready to start cooking and blogging again! But first let me fill you in on the second half of our Alaskan cruise. As you’ll see from the photos below, we had an awesome time, saw some incredible sights, and ate and drank WAY too much (in case you’re wondering why my next couple posts may be heavy on the salads).

In my last blog post I left off at the beginning of Day 3, just before we disembarked at our first port of call in Juneau, so naturally, that’s where I’ll pick up.

Day 3, upon arriving in Juneau we decided to take an off-shore excursion aboard a catamaran for a whale watching & wild life quest where we saw (wait for it) whales!— also, a large colony of seals, and about half a dozen bald eagles.

My very own Jacques Cousteau. IMG_7894

The first of several humpback whale sightings. IMG_7968IMG_7976

There must have been a hundred seals swimming and sunbathing on this outcropping of rocks.IMG_7927

After our 3-hour boat tour we took a bus up to Mendenhall Glacier to view the mighty “river of ice.” Notice the glacier in the center-right of the photo and the waterfall just to the right of that.IMG_8081

Here’s the scene up close…IMG_8075

…and closer still.IMG_8071

This is a shot of me standing in front of the waterfall. It looks massive, right? Okay, now go back and look at the first photo to see how small it is in relationship to its neighboring glacier. Go ahead, I’ll wait…..Awe, doesn’t it look so cute and sweet?!IMG_8061

Exhausted and hungry after our excursion, we discovered yet another one of Juneau’s wonderful treasures, Tracy’s King Crab Shack, where one giant leg yields a pound of crab meat. Oh my goodness, the deliciousness was almost too much to handle! Almost.IMG_8093

This 3-pound bucket of crab legs will run you about $100, but it’s so worth it!IMG_8116

Are you salivating yet? I am.IMG_8114

Oh myyy!IMG_8111

Day 4, our second port of call in Skagway.IMG_8257

After our water excursion at the last port, we decided to stay on land and take a death-defying train ride on the historic White Pass Railway, climbing 2,865 feet to the summit along a narrow track overlooking the valleys below. IMG_0125

Seriously not recommended for people afraid of heights.IMG_0143

OMG, are we going to cross that?! (Thankfully, no. This bridge has been retired for quite some time.)IMG_8226

And not to be outdone by our dining experience of at Tracy’s, we decided to lunch at a local hotspot, the Skagway Brewing Co., where every single one of their brews is a winner — and we sampled them all. IMG_8331

Try the halibut & chips or the salmon burger (oh, and a couple beers to wash everything down).IMG_8332

No fillers here, just straight Alaskan salmon.IMG_8333

All that excitement called for a nap onboard, followed by an incredible dinner at the Skagway Fish Co.IMG_0185

Hailing from the PNW, I’ve had my fair share of delicious clams, but these were among the best I’ve tried.IMG_0190

The broth was too good to waste, so we ordered more bread to soak it up.IMG_0191

Seriously, Alaskan King Crab Legs AND Rainier Beer? Come on, with this view?! I’m in heaven.IMG_0193

We finished our meal 10 minutes before we were set to sail and had to sprint back to the ship. Luckily we had a good parking spot.IMG_0187

Day 5 was at sea cruising along the scenic Tracy Arm.IMG_8336

Do I look cold to you? I am.IMG_0215

Another glacier. Yawn. Just kidding, but we did see a lot of them.IMG_0235

Day 6, port of call in Ketchikan.IMG_8319

If you visit, take a walk along Creek Street, a boardwalk on stilts that was once the ‘red light’ district of the town.IMG_8337

Walking along Creek Street, away from town towards the Tongass Historical Museum, you’ll be able to view a salmon ladder from above…IMG_8317

…and a cute little salmon ladder gift shop. (Hmmm, that has to be a first.)IMG_8316

After a lengthily walking tour guided by ourselves, we broke for lunch at Annabelle’s Keg & Chowder House, where the menu comes in the form of a 1920’s newspaper. The ambiance was great, the food a bit pricy, but that’s what vacations are for, right?IMG_8321

Our last night on the cruise we felt the need to take advantage of the empty lawn chairs on deck to soak up some moonrays.IMG_0202

Day 7, final docking in Vancouver, BC and our short drive back to the Lower-48.IMG_0297

Pulling into Vancouver.IMG_0302

It was a wonderful trip that I highly recommend! We saw great things and ate great food, and I would do it again in a second. (And because of my extremely gluttonous behavior onboard, you can expect some healthy dishes coming out of my kitchen this month. At least until I’m able to comfortably button my jeans again.)

I have to say, vacation is fun, but it’s nice to be home — I’ve missed you guys.


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