SoupBowlRecipes is Moving!


Being at the whim of the Army we are occasionally (and by occasionally I mean every 1-2 years) asked to pack our bags and make home in a new state. For the past 12 months we’ve enjoyed living in and blogging from Kansas, with its four seasons, its picturesque farmland, and its Mid-Western comfort food, but all good things must come to an end, and so it’s time to mosey along and get acquainted another part of the country.

Where are we going, you ask? Well I’ll tell you. Drumroll please…….




…We’re moving to Texas, ya’ll!


So you best believe I’ll be posting some fantastic BBQ recipes as soon as I’m up and running on all four burners again! For the next couple weeks, though, I’ll be on the road and without a kitchen to cook in, but that in no way means I’m going to slack on my responsibilities as a food blogger. Oh yes, I plan on regaling you with stories from the road, reviews of restaurants we visit, and photos of my shiny new kitchen before I break it in.

So are you ready? Well come on then, let’s GO!



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