Palm Springs Family Fun!


Palm Springs Family Fun!

After four straight days of lying by the pool, playing games, and binge-reading gossip magazines, we made the unanimous decision to get off our lazy bums and enjoy the rest of what Palm Springs has to offer. Here’s what we did…

Hiking Indian Canyons –

Indian Canyons, once home to the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians, offers miles and miles of beautiful hiking through desert and mountains, and gives you a glimpse into the lifestyle of its former inhabitants with remains of rock art, house pits, irrigation ditches, and so on. Note: It’s best to do these hikes early in the day, as much of the trails aren’t shaded and can get pretty toasty.

{ Yep, we’re climbing that! }image

{ Such interesting topgraphy here }image

{ Is it just me, or does this rock look like a beautifully marbleized rib eye steak with a parsley garnish? }image

{ My 7-year old nephew blazing the trail }image

{ One of the many house pits we saw }image


Palm Springs Villagefest –

Every Thursday evening starting at 6:00 p.m., downtown Palm Springs closes its main street (Palm Canyon Drive) to traffic and opens it up to pedestrians. Over 200 booths of art vendors, food purveyors, musicians, and palm readers line the street — and with shops staying open late (10:00 p.m.), you’re guaranteed a night of entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

{ Some of the louder pieces of art Villagefest has to offer }image

{ The Toddler twirling among the art and enjoying the attention she was getting from passerbys who gathered to watch her spontaneous performance }image

{ Oh, I definitely have to get me one of these! }image

{ Handmade pillowcase dresses. Btw, I just noticed the “No Pictures” sign – Oops! }image

{ Paella with chicken, clams, and prawns, oh my! }image


{ This year I noticed a street running perpendicular to Palm Canyon Drive that had booths filled with farmers’ market items like fresh produce, organic honeys, flavored popcorn, and awesome beef jerkey }image

{ My Toddler wasn’t so sure about meeting Charlie Chaplin }image

{ Winding our way back home after dark }image

{ …buuuut, we couldn’t resist roasting pink marshmallows at this firey booth before calling it a night }image


Vintage Shopping Whether you’re in the market for kitschy antiques, vintage cars, or second-hand clothes, Palm Springs has it in spades! Below are some frocks I just had to share with you…

{ A dress, hat, and accessories worn by Lucille Ball on the I Love Lucy show }image

{ Silver go-go boots straight out of the disco era — too bad they weren’t my size otherwise you’d see me wearing them in my next blog post }image

{ And some other funky finds from Villagefest }image


Cool, right? Yeah, I thought so, too!

Ok, now back to the pool. Hmm, I wonder if my lawn chair missed me while I was gone?


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