Google’s Handy Nutritional Feature!


Have you ever been at the butcher and wonder which cut of meat is the leanest, or standing in the produce department trying to decide whether kale is healthier than chard? Well contemplate no more! Google has built a nutritional feature into it’s search engine. All you have to do is start by typing “compare kale to chard” or “compare rib eye steak to filet mignon” into the search bar and hit enter. Google will pop up a side-by-side comparison of any two food items. Don’t believe me? Try comparing white bread to whole wheat bread before making your next sandwich! This can be done from any device (home computers, tablets, or smartphones) that has a web browser.

Thanks to for the tip!



2 thoughts on “Google’s Handy Nutritional Feature!

  1. Hi em. When I follow the ‘read more of this post’ link it says the page can’t be found. I do want to read more. Any clue?




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